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FCR Solutions Spotlight: 5 Emerging Technology Systems and Updates from Q2

Share this article: Looking back on quarter two, the nonstop movement in the contact center technology space continues. My latest review of the updates and technologies I’ve seen over the past quarter covers a variety of areas including quality assurance...
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A Recent Customer Experience and What I Wish I Had Said

Share this article: I recently had a customer experience that totally threw me for a loop and had me struggling with how to respond in the moment. Are you good at responding to situations like that? I’m often envious of...
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How Machine Learning Can Add Value to Customer Service Automation

Share this article: It wasn’t long ago that we hosted a webinar for our clients that focused on emerging messaging channels for customer service. The shiny new object in the room by far was SMS chatbots. This piqued the interest...
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You, Machines, and the Future of Customer Service

Share this article: As Bob Dylan once said, or sung, “The times they are a changin’”. This most certainly applies to customer service and the way companies deliver it. While phone has been the predominant channel for supporting customers, other...
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