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5 Tips for Adding a New Service Channel

Share this article: I have to admit; it’s awfully cool to work at FCR, a company where we observe the support channel mix for dozens of different companies. As an outsourcer, about 60% of our support volume is still phone, with...
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Should Emerging Customer Service Channels Be Handled Like Chat or Email?

Share this article: This post was originally written by Jeremy Watkin as a guest author on the Customer Think blog. To see the original article, you can click here. The landscape of customer service technology is changing rapidly. I’m gonna...
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The Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Received

Share this article: Let me first preface this by saying that no one piece of advice will make you a great writer overnight. Writing well takes practice and a willingness to seek out and accept feedback from others who may...
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Connection Eats Grammar For Lunch

Share this article: This post originally appeared as a guest article for Cxpert. You can check out the original article here. You’ve likely heard the famous Peter Drucker quote: Culture eats strategy for lunch. That’s a bit of wisdom that...
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Riding WAVES to Better Emails

Share this article: Writing a great customer service email doesn’t have to be difficult. It really doesn’t. But let’s face it, a quality form with fifteen to twenty things to remember and a bazillion macros (aka canned responses) that we’re...
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30 Commonly Misused Idioms

Share this article: Guest Post By Cassandra Corwin | Program Manager | FCR Have you ever made a snap judgment regarding a person’s education after hearing them misuse a common idiom or mispronounce a word? Don’t be too harsh. Statistics...
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6 Reasons An Email Template Delighted Me

Share this article: This post was originally posted as a guest blog on Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog. The original post can be found here. Thank you to Shep for having me as a guest writer on your blog. Do...
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