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FCR Solutions Spotlight: 8 Essential Features for your Contact Center LMS

Share this article: When you picture customer service training, what key elements come to mind? Some of these elements likely include classroom training with an instructor, watching videos and extensive slide decks, time spent in front of a computer reading...
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5 Ways Accelerated Learning Can Improve New Hire Training

Share this article: This article originally appeared on the ICMI blog as a featured contributor column on February 15, 2018. Click here to read the original. You’ve just hired a full class of agents who carry with them the promise...
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Must Reads for New Contact Center Leaders

Share this article: I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit that as a contact center leader at a small SAAS start up, I “got by” for a long time on common sense. I remember times I’d be talking shop with...
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What “Onward” by Howard Schultz Taught Me About Customer Experience

Share this article: I have several books staring at me, begging to be read — one of which is Onward by Howard Schultz, Executive Chairman at Starbucks. It would still be staring at me had it not been for the...
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4 Tips to Avoid the Customer Service Mistakes I Made 10 Years Ago

Share this article: I had been managing a support team for a few years when my employer partnered with an outside group on a new business venture called In 2007, in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis, any...
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4 Resources to Grow Your Customer Service Network

Share this article: Have you ever faced a problem and felt like you had nowhere to turn? Perhaps you’re in that spot right now. A strong network of likeminded professionals is a great way to work through problems and challenges...
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Reaching New Heights at the Eugene YP Summit

Share this article: I had the privilege of attending the Young Professionals Summit in Eugene, Oregon for the second year in a row. Last year’s summit was fantastic but the team at the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce managed to...
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Introducing Wholistic Customer Service

Share this article: We’ve all had it happen – those times when another employee or a leader failed to provide us  with needed information or tools do our job effectively. And we have many ways to explain it away. We...
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Five (Free) Life Hacks to Stimulate Learning

Share this article: Several months ago I watched Cooked, a documentary series by Michael Pollan on Netflix (highly recommend). In it he uses the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water to talk about the origins of food. In...
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5 Instructional Design Tips to Boost Learning

Share this article: Here’s a very common recipe for training in most organizations. Let me know if this looks familiar to you: 1 PowerPoint presentation chock full of the trainer’s speaking notes. Discard images and videos. 12 or so Employees...
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