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Perils of Commoditization

  One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is allowing your product or service offering to become commoditized. It is inevitable that price will be an issue no matter what industry you are involved in, however a…

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photo credit: Deb Achak Photography

Keep at It

  I graduated from college in 1991. It was not the best time to be young, overeducated, under skilled and unemployed. In the early 90’s, there just weren’t a lot of jobs to go around. We had not yet entered…

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Photo Credit: Deb Achak Photography

More Fig Newtons and Not Being a Bad Person

  If you have not read James Altucher’s blog, I would recommend it.  Apart from being a fascinating person who has lived an interesting life, he is a great writer with an ability to really synthesize what constitutes success in…

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Managing Disappointment

I was a skier early in my life but switched over to snowboarding about 15 years ago. I just wasn’t enjoying skiing as much at the time so figured I would try it out. I haven’t skied since. Fast forward…

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Random Thoughts Thursday

Spring is coming to Seattle. The weather is getting nicer out here and with the late light starting, people seem to be in noticeably better moods. Unfortunately, March and April are typically wet months so we have some slogging still…

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Deflecting Praise

One of the hardest things to do in life is to deflect praise to others; and yet praise deflection is one of the most important assets a leader can possess. I’ve watched many managers fail to take the next step…

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Socially-Conscious Outsourcing

                                                  We can’t be alone. I come back to this again and again when considering our…

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Why Teamwork is Like Taco Night

  There is no “i” in Teamwork. But there is one in Taco Night. I have 2 small boys: Henry (8) and Lewis (5). Unfortunately we suffer similar challenges that most parents do with young children: Fussy eater syndrome. Both…

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The Importance of Travel Preparation

  I consider myself a reasonably well prepared person when it comes to business travel. 20 years of it has given me the unique opportunity to visit almost every state in the US. But not all trips are the same…

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The Problem With RFPs

Congratulations, your firm has been selected by our firm to respond to our Request for Proposal.  You and 20 of your closest competitors will now be forced to participate in an expensive, mind-numbing process you will not succeed at and…

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